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The Clothes Horse began in 2016. As a mum of four young children I was grateful for friends and family who often gave me clothes for my children. I wanted to help other families and so The Clothes Horse began.

At first the clothes donations given were stored in our loft! As word got around more clothes were donated and The Clothes Horse had to move out of the loft. My husband kindly gave me space in his workshop where he worked as a carpenter. It was a funny mix of wood and clothes but we made it work. It was also a bonus to see more of my man!

Three years on and we have moved again into a premises close to Newquay town centre meaning we are more accessible to families reaching us on foot or using public transport.

At The Clothes Horse we believe that everyone should be blessed and so all of our children's clothes we give are free. We also stock children's shoes, coats, school uniform, baby clothes and baby blankets. We understand that some people would rather 'pay' for their items so we are happy if people would like to do so and leave it up to them to decide the cost of their purchases and have a donation box to do so. We also have the friends of The Clothes Horse as another way that people can give.

We are thankful at The Clothes Horse for the wonderful volunteers who can come and help out. This is such a benefit to us as clothes sorting can take up a lot of time and so help is greatly appreciated!

Super passionate about the environment we believe that we need to be good stewards of the Earth that we have been given. We live somewhere so beautiful and we need to keep it that way. We therefore encourage re-using clothes and love seeing clothes that have been circulated by friends and family, returning them to us and then going out again to another family. There are shocking stats out there showing the damage created by the textile industry and research shows that the best thing we can do is use clothes already available instead of buying new.

I also feel so privileged to have met so many amazing people from starting The Clothes Horse. We look forward to running more clothes swap parties and starting workshops in the community.

If you fancy knowing more about us then feel free to send a message via email:

Take care x

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