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Hello, its been a while so thought we would drop you a line....

Last month The Clothes Horse had its 4th birthday!! How we have changed in those four years!

Since we started we have moved to 3 different spaces. Firstly my loft (which thankfully didn't last too long) then to a unit shared with my carpenter husband in an industrial estate and now to our current unit which is in the centre of town. These three stages have had its ups and downs but through it all progress has been made.

When we began in 2016 we had no idea how things would evolve and in many ways still don’t but I think that is part of the adventure. We knew though that we wanted to give free children’s clothing to families in our community and beyond and we have stuck to that. I am pleased that we have! If it was not for generous friends and family giving my children their second hand children’s clothes we would have found it tricky to clothe our four children. The Clothes Horse began to help other families.

Along the way we have built up great friendships with families who come back to us as their children grow and we treasure these friendships. We have had many volunteers along the way help us to sort through clothes donations which we are so grateful for. They have also given us the nudges we have needed to keep going when times have been hard. We will continue to welcome volunteers in to The Clothes Horse as we look to the new year.

We have recently created a website with the idea to grow The Clothes Horse further as a way to reach more families and to bring in some funding to help keep us running. We have been blessed to be given funding from different organisations which, without their funds, could have ended The Clothes Horse.

We are looking now towards finishing our building works to the exterior and interior of the building. We would like to pretty up the front and put in double doors to the exterior as well as making the inside more appealing and less rugged, adhering to social distancing rules.

We are excited and thankful to still be here after four years!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for being part of the journey. x

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